The Great Outdoors – Adam Regan – Mark E – Discomendments

The Great Outdoors

The cast of DJs may have changed over the years, but the hallmarks of no boundaries quality music and a good party have survived, and are now in the capable hands of Joe90, El Harvo, and Kid Bongo.

The Futureboogie name has seen the boys travel far and wide with gigs at The Big Chill Festival, Bestival, Glastonbury Festival, Bloom Festival, The Garden Festival, Shambala Festival, and at clubs in Germany, Switzerland, France, Croatia, Russia, Belarus, Spain, Slovakia, Slovenia, Netherlands, Bulgaria, New York, Greece, Romania, Australia, Serbia, and Poland.

The Great Outdoors – Balearic Social – Andy Pye – Steph & Residents

The Great Outdoors

Andy Pye is presenter at Purple Radio where he hosts the Balearic Social radio show; bringing together dj’s and record collectors from across the world. A lifelong and passionate music collector Andy started his career as a music buyer at HMV and has carried on collecting music ever since.

The Great Outdoors – Leo Mas – Nancy Noise & Residents

The Great Outdoors

Listen back to the opening party of The Great Outdoors 2015 at The Lord Clifden. Featuring Leo Mas / Nancy Noise and Residents Dean Sunshine Smith / Stuart Robinson and Rob J.

The 12 HOUR mix includes the whole day and night of non-stop music, recorded live!