40 Plates of Comfort Food


“Ladies and gentlemen – autumn’s grip is truly upon us. The cold winds are a-blowing, the leaves are a-changing and it’s high time we put on that ever-essential layer of fat to see us through the winter to come. Indeed, that being said, we plan to stuff our faces with only the best of Birmingham’s comfort food – as we stave off the chilly October haze and the cold November rain with plates of moreish lasagnes, life-saving soups and, of course, mountainous burgers slathered in all kinds of goodness.

Birmingham is a city bursting with diverse flavours and brimming with incredible culinary prowess. We’ve got the pies that’ll cross your eyes, we’ve got the shakes that’ll make you quake, we’ve got the burgers that’ll… we’ve just got burgers… In an ode to our great city, here’s a snapshot of 40 plates of comfort food to be found in Birmingham.

Knives and forks at the ready – it’s time to start planning your next foodie adventure!”

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